Stronger, Faster, Fitter

Stronger, Faster, Fitter

The Performance Edit

When it comes to sportswear; don’t dress to kill dress to survive. Kick-start your way into 2018 for a healthier, happier new you with the latest performance clothing from some of your favourite designer sports brands.

Top Layers

Don’t let the cooler weather hold you back when it comes to pushing forward with your fitness goals. Invest in lightweight outerwear for road running and cycling to ensure your body temperature stays at an optimum level.

Pick lightweight jackets and bodywarmers when the cold really sets in for added warmth. Or simply add some style to your fitness wear with post-gym pullovers in bold statement colours. Who said workout wear had to boring?

From left to right: Asics Pullover, New Balance Body Warmer, New Balance Windbreaker


Be free to move and push yourself that little bit further - and don't let your clothing hold you back. With a new year focus on health and wellbeing, ensure your clothing matches your mindset.

Invest in supportive items that will help not hinder. Whether you’re looking for a new high-impact sports bra, running tops or a new yoga crop top, take the time to ensure a good fit. You won’t regret it.

Leggings and Tights

Whether you’re hitting the weights, jumping on a bike or rocking up to your first yoga class of the new year, keep comfortable and agile with your workout clothing choices.


Leggings and yoga pants make the perfect workout partners – allowing you to move freely, without compromise. Their seamless shape forms the perfect clean silhouette – which paired with subtle patterns and electric prints from Under Armour, New Balance and Adidas, make for the ultimate workout must have.


When it comes to running; opt for running tights. For both men and women; running tights improve circulation and can enhance your endurance. These are essential kit for anyone looking to take running seriously in 2018. Make your new year's resolution one to achieve with the help of technical performance clothing, and start making space for all those medals.

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