Spring is coming

Spring is coming

Winter is about to end as we make way for sunnier days

Get ready to change from your winter wardrobe to spring & summer!

It's already starting to warm up after the cold winter days. Soon, we will abandon our favourite knitwear and cosy winter coats to wear fresher dresses, lightweight t-shirts and delicate ruffle skirts. What are you planning to do and wear this year? Completely renew your Spring/Summer wardrobe? Or just invest in seasonal must haves to give your outfits a touch of modernity? Whatever you are planning, here are some of our top suggestions..


Spring is approaching, but the time to wear light clothes is not quite there yet. The change of outfits should be done gradually, starting with mid-season clothes like a leather jacket, paired with a skirt below the knee and worn with socks with a touch of originality.If you prefer a simpler look, opt for a bomberjacket by Calvin Klein paired with trousers and sneakers.

No matter how cold the winter, there's a springtime ahead.

Eddie Vedder

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