Suit Up!

Suit Up!

Feminine and classy, sometimes colourful, with a fun twist

We invited bloggers Hashtag By Lily and Luxblog to shop their stand-out female suits.

Statement suits on a woman are the trend at the moment! Bloggers Hashtag By Lily and Luxblog pulled several looks from a variety of our stores, like Sandro, Furla, Zadig & Voltaire, Anne Fontaine and more.

First up: Hashtag By Lily..

Hashtag By Lily

Beige Suit

This suit is quite oversized and with sporty details. With this combination, she wants to show that you don’t have to take a suit that seriously. She played with the colours to make it funky. The playful touch with a Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt, big Gucci sunglasses, a cool blue statement bag and very comfy green slides to finish the this first look.

suit: Liu Jo / Top: Karl Lagerfeld / sunglass: Gucci via Sunglass hut / bag: Maje / slides: Maje

Blue Suit

Do you want to stand out with your suit? Pick a bright colour like this blue suit from Sandro. Lily couldn’t leave the store without adding some cool, blue-flame sneakers. She also found a beautiful spring bag at Furla, which matches perfectly with her Dior sunglasses from Sunglass Hut.

suit: Sandro / bag: Furla / sunglasses: Dior via Sunglass hut / Sneakers: Sandro

Red Suit

With this look, Lily wanted to show a different variation of the traditional suit, with shorts! Yet, it was still too neat for her taste, so she wearing a cute print blouse underneath and tied it as a crop top. Red symbolizes ‘good luck’ in the Chinese culture and it’s also one of Lily’s favorite colors. A red suit is such a powerful statement! She finished the look with cool accessories, a trendy belt bag and Dior sunglasses that would top any wishlist!

suit: Anne Fontaine / top: Zadiq & Voltaire / sunglasses: Dior via Sunglass hut / heels: Pollini / belt bag: Karl Lagerfeld


Where Hashtag By Lily was going for feminine, classy and colorful with a fun twist, Esmee from Luxblog was focusing on unique and classic black & white looks with silver tones. In her own words: “I like to style suits with a casual feel. It’s how I feel most comfortable and that’s the most important thing of course. That you feel good in what you like to wear.”

Ginham Suit

We love the combination of different styles by Esmee. Here she wears a more casual white Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt with the statement Ginham suit from Bally. Add some accessories like Esmee and you can easily style this outfit in a day or night look. Esmee wears the low heeled Pollini pumps and could go straight in a meeting at the office. By adding a stylish clutch, like this one from Patrizia Pepe, she is ready for her evening plans!

suit: Bally / t-shirt: Karl Lagerfeld / heels: Polinni / clutch: Patrizia Pepe

Black & white suit

Esmee plays with more black and white again in this look and keeps it spring/summer proof with the classic black sunnies from the Sunglass Hut. The real winner of has to be the Anne Fontaine suit with a ruffled top which makes this suit extra special.

suit: Anne Fontaine / sunglasses: Sunglass hut

Silver suit

With a gorgeous suit you can stand out quite easily, however this silver Zadig & Voltaire takes ‘standing out’ to a whole other level. Esmee keeps this glitter look again classic by combining it only with black and white. Can we please copy this look in our closet for our next party?

suit: Zadig & Voltaire / shoulder bag: Karl Lagerfeld

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