Exclusive Q&A With Anne Fontaine

Exclusive Q&A With Anne Fontaine

Learn more about the unique brand in this exclusive Q&A with the French Designer Anne Fontaine.

During this interview we learned about the craftsmanship behind the iconic white shirt, re-embroidered lace and the foundations of the feminine universal design encompassing their Maison de Couture.

What inspired the classic white shirt that is a staple of your brand?

I wanted this piece, which usually belongs to the masculine wardrobe, to become an essential for women! White shirts have a timeless elegance; it’s an item that every woman can play with to create her own identity and express her own creativity. “Nothing is more sexy than a woman in a white shirt.”

What has made you so passionate for design? Is there a crucial moment in your life that inspired ‘The White Shirt’?

In fact, the story of Anne Fontaine is a love story. It is how the encounter with my husband has permitted us to create our Maison de Couture. When we met, he was already in the fashion industry. 

I felt I wanted to give the garments a second life and change the French savoir-faire (knowledge). I had the idea to create the woman's white shirt! We opened the doors to our first store on Rue des Saints-Pères in Paris.

I am currently in charge of style, design and garment creation. My husband takes part in the brand development and marketing side. Today, Anne Fontaine has 80 stores worldwide, 450 multi-brand clients, and a subsidiary in both the USA and China.

From beginning to end, what is your favourite moment in the creation process?

I am always excited to launch a new collection. I really do like all the steps of the creation process although my favourite one is when I'm working with fabric and drape it on the model or myself. It can be said that it is the specific moment the design comes to life.

Next to nature, what is your biggest inspiration? Where did you get your ideas from the trend outfit for this season?

I’m inspired by life! All the things that are around me are a source of inspiration – objects, people, art… everything! I am also inspired by strong cinematic film icons like Scarlett O’Hara, Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo…


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