From 31st May to 1st July 2018

La Reggia Designer Outlet presents Napoli Timeless the exhibition of the Neapolitan photographer and director Giuseppe Di Vaio

For years he crystallized atmospheres, joys and sorrows of his city. Naples Timeless 2018 is the journey of an author deep within the millennial history of one of the most fascinating places in the world, Naples: A city but also a legend, mixture of cultures and colors, always open to sometimes inaccessible but always poetic.

La Reggia Designer Outlet pays tribute to the city of Naples, choosing the visual story of Giuseppe Di Vaio and continuing his work started in 2013 that, after years of research, sees the focus on the protagonists of social, artistic and cultural of the city: people, the alleys and the signs that characterize Naples in a selection of photographs that bring to life new and old atmospheres.

Naples is a timeless city. The succession of thousands of actions leaves the atmospheres intact, modifying only the protagonists.

Giuseppe di Vaio

38 pictures, of which 15 unpublished, give life to a strong and true show in a succession of thousands of actions often left intact in time and atmosphere, where the only variant is the face of its protagonists. Naples Timeless is a journey from the inside of the authentic city, through its characters, its variegated humanity that still lives under a single sky.

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