The store reopened and wait for you!

Come discover Geox’s new look and its surprises.

Geox starts a fresh with the new season and has reopened today, 28th March with a whole new refitted store.

Now, collections are displayed in a more attractive way, and shoes are once again at the heart of everything. Come discover men’s and women’s products for Spring Summer.


You might not know that the brand name, Geox, was created from a mixture between the Greek word “geo” (earth), and “x”, a letter-element symbolizing technology and technology is at the heart of every collections.

The Geox group has consistently invested in innovation, ever since it was founded.

For every model, you will have the guarantee of a breathable shoe and a maximum comfort when walking thanks to different innovations:

Amphibiox for a long lasting waterproof shoe and breathability and resistance to all weather conditions

Nebula and its revolutionary breathability in all directions concept

Breathable rubber which is the original model at the beginning of everything

The leather sole which allow your feet to breath and protect you from water without compromising elegance

Net breathing system on sportier shoes for the more actives.

Geox offers shoes for any occasions and for any necessities and who knows, you might find the right ones to conquer the world?

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