Kennet Street

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Kennet Street is a New York street founded in 1921, offering Americans new freedom after the first World War. New style and fresh invention arrived from Italy, from experienced tailors who came across the ocean looking to propel Italian innovation into the American market. The brand today continues to offer fresh, American, clean sportswear looks with Italian fabrics, design and fit.


Kennet Street was created to offer a variety of Italian style in the static world of designer fashion. The brand belongs to Genial, an enterprise which has been producing collections for the past 40 years thanks to an agile and modern structure, ready to catch the ever-changing market trends and transform them into high profile fashion collections. Every detail of Kennet Street, from the lining to the buttons, from the stitching to the down filling, is a product of the skills and refined taste of Genial’s staff, a winning team that treats every aspect of the production with passion and enthusiasm.


The men’s and ladies’ collection revolves around the concept of elite ‘Made in Italy’ at very affordable prices, offering luxury jackets, blazers, shirts, knitwear and pants with excellent style and great value-for-money.  We garment dye our pieces in a variety of attractive colors with high quality yarn; boast very short production times and use Italian dyes which give a “no-stain garment guarantee”. 

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