New Designer Stores

New Designer Stores

New interesting designer stores are opening at our centre

Find out here about all new stores coming to Designer Outlet Parndorf.

Street One / Cecil

For the easy-to-wear feeling 365 days of the year – that’s what the Street One brand stands for with clear, on-trend and selected favourite items for a relaxed and feminine look.

Look forward to the brand new store of Street One and Cecil and discover exciting opening offers.

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is synonymous with joy and optimism, with glamour and success, with luxury and beauty. His world is non-conformist and free, sensual and always seductive.

Roberto Cavalli conceives fashion as a total experience. The style he proposes is not merely a way of dressing, but a way of being: a lifestyle. His is an intangible and highly aspirational dream.

O bag

The O bag is a unique, modern, innovative and customisable Italian designed bag brand. O bag produces stylish, lightweight and waterproof items.

Mix and match colours and accessories allow customisation of the O bag to style, clothes, needs and taste. O bags are available in a wide range of bright, dark and pastel colours.

Wide choice of interchangeable O bag handles in real leather, faux leather and rope. Accessorise your O bag with inner zip-up canvas bags, wool and cotton.


Get ready for a special shopping break and look forward to a special world of coffee.

Give your feet a rest and relax with a coffee made just how you like it in Starbucks. Take your pick from a range of coffee, tea and hot chocolate and customise your treat with cream, syrups and sprinkles for a flavour that's all your own. There's also a range of snacks on offer, from brownies to toasted sandwiches.

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