There is something special for everyone.

Bright colours or original shapes, find your perfect bag for this Spring Summer!

New season has arrived and has brought a refreshing change in clothes and accessoires. Colours and shapes are redesigned for a summer under the sign of originality and modernity. Accessories that you will choose to complete your outfit will make the difference.

Joyful. Colourful. Contemporary. Italian. Authentic. Functional and essential.

Furla launched the new Spring/Summer 2018 collection dedicated to the multifaceted woman, with new fabrics and techniques that embody the Italian craftsmanship and allow a customisable style, making every woman unique.

The collection represents a journey from childhood to maturity. A presentation designed in wavy, curvilinear settings, like a woman´s body; a presentation inspired by the purity of beauty. A celebration of women´s sensibility, but also of their pragmatism, of their character. A journey through the different ages of their lives: the childhood games, the sense of joy and abandomnet of children rides. The dreams of adolescence, the discovery of love in the teenage years; time shifts, from linear to nonlinear, because the journey is more important than the destination. In time weeks will go by, then years: it is the seasons of life. Time becomes circular: the harmony of circularity. No edges. With sweetness, and with imagination´s absolute freedom.

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